Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

An easy pose and some coloring fun before school starts up again. Work has gotten really busy. At one point there was a tour group, a bridal party and and a group buying $70 in admission all wanted my attention at the same time. The person who assists events isn't going to show up until they're scheduled, and I think the wedding party arrived way earlier than planned.

Blustery Day by ~aeater on deviantART

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter Quarter 2009 Summary

Flatware Final

Hello Spring Break. There's some intense banjo playing going on in my backyard, so I'll keep this brief. My final is finally over, so that means some glamour shots:

Flatware Final

Flatware Final

Flatware Final

Now it's time to figure out how to sleep with all that celebration going on outside.


I'm awake from my post-final coma. The biggest criticism my class received as a whole was not summarizing our projects effectively enough. What I wish I had said:

My final model reflects the physical styling found in the core product line of the Bodum brand. The majority of the flatware is made up of a transparent material. It has three distinct elements, the black plastic handle, the aluminum screw posts and the stainless steal utensil heads. It uses the perfect circles found in their strainer as a graphical element, much like their toaster does. By referencing these physical elements, Bodum's customers recognize this silverware set as being part of the brand's product family, and through its relationship to Bodum's core product line, participate in the experience of quiet contemplation and relaxation.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My ACCE final! When I signed up for the class I thought I would spend the next three months drawing shoes and watches. I was sad when I found out I also had to draw things that were not shoes and watches.

For the final, I started wondering about acorns and how they attach themselves to trees, and that grew to include a cherry and then a grape, I guess. I want to redraw that first purse so it's in an aggressive 3/4 and not a flat 1/8 like I've got it now.