Sunday, July 6, 2008

wall monsters

Wall monsters! These were the first of many projects I did for my color theory class. True to the tentacle trend, too. If I made these for production, I'd embed a screw so that the user could just twist them into the wall.

A study in tints and shades, these guys are the product of the Happy Frog Preservation Society. The logo I made was too dumb to use in my class presentation, but I'm pretty happy with this vegetarian alternative to dissecting frogs.

Elephant espionage! Is it a table disguised as an elephant, or an elephant disguised as a table? I was inspired by all the wonderful flat pack designs that have been coming out recently and wanted to try my hand at designing one. This cardboard mock-up held my roommate's N64 for the rest of the year.

I may post more of my freshman projects, who knows?

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