Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall Quarter Summary

This was the quarter where I learned about graphic design. If it's true that the head of the department hauled ass to remove any traditional graphic design courses from the curriculum, then Human Factors is the unofficial graphic design class for Industrial Design. What I've been up to:

Anthropometry Study:

I was trying to channel subway map layouts with little success. This was full of novice mistakes like forgetting to line up the elements and not making good use of space. I was really happy with it when I first finished but now I am of a different opinion.

Anatomy Study:

There are elements from both the first draft and the final that I like. I like the tabs in the first one, but I liked the economy of space of the second one more.

Final Ergonomic Study:

This could probably use more tweaking but for now I'm pretty satisfied with it.

Contextual Research is another course where I spent more time in front of the computer than in the shop:

Flow Model:

This was easily ten hours, not including field research. I remember refusing to put any content in it until I figured out how I would style everything. That attitude resulted in so many hours pissed away just picking out the fonts.

Survey Project:

I tend to lean towards simple layouts with clean graphics. Right now everything I do feels pretty plain, so in the future I want to try to avoid flat colors and simple shapes.

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